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Thingsplay is a start-up company created in July 2014 by Georges Luel and Frédéric Jourdain with the aim to make agile and innovative technological tools available to industries in the context of the Internet of Things. After a few years in research and development, Thingsplay has developed technological solutions and a connected devices computer management platform. This platform is based on ‘real-time’ technologies and on ‘big data’ databases by integrating the Rabbit MQ and MongoDB solutions.


In December 2015, Thingsplay raised additional capital of 250,000 Euros through private investors, including ‘BeAngels’, and, thanks to the support of NamurInvest, a subordinated convertible loan of 200,000 Euros. This funding should enable the development of technologies to be completed and the marketing of the platform and its products.

Our team

  • Frédéric Jourdain
    Co owner
  • Georges Luel
    Co owner
  • Patrick Hoste
  • Simon Blondieau

After studying electronics, specialising in the computing world, Frédéric Jourdain started his career at the moment when PCs made their first appearance in the business world. He was a consultant and an instructor in communication protocols and the integration of operating systems before creating the Vision company. He would sell it 6 years later to an ICT company and managed the Belux structure up until 2008, and took part in its introduction to the stock market. A technologies devotee, he went on to invest in start-up companies active in cloud computing, the internet of things and high added value services. From 2011 until the end of 2014, he directed the Walloon computer cluster (Infopôle Cluster TIC), represented Agoria for the Walloon ICT sector and became an expert consultant for the Internet Attitude investment fund. Through these different positions, he contributes to the coherency of support services for Belgian ICT companies and fosters their economic development.

Georges Luel has a background in engineering and electronics. Very early on, he committed himself to automation technologies and worked in the milieu of innovative industries. His career is atypical in that it mixes together electronics, automation and information technology. This background has enabled him to become one of the key people in the project concerning the automation of the Brussels driver-less metro system at the STIB. Previously he had been the head of electronic research departments in several multinationals. He is an embedded system designer of cards and programmer.

Patrick a suivi des études de Baccalauréat en informatique de gestion à l’EPFC en 2015. Ayant la volonté de démarrer directement sa carrière dans l’Internet des objets, il a immédiatement proposé de faire son stage de fin d’étude chez Thingsplay. Son premier travail consistait à développer un simulateur d’objets connectés pour permettre le contrôle et la validation des serveurs Rabbit MQ.
Il a démarré sa collaboration permanente chez Thingsplay le 15 décembre 2015. Mis dans le bain très rapidement, il a pris en charge le développement des routines « back office » en java pour organiser les fonctions de stockage dans MongoDb et MySQL. Patrick travaille également à la génération des données complémentaires telles que les calculs de moyennes, d’écarts etc…

After four years working in sales, Simon operates a 180 °u-turn and begins a short training as computer maintenance technician, followed by an evening courses bachelor of informatics and systems at École Industrielle et Commerciale de la Ville de Namur (EICVN). Passionated by networks security, software development and Open Source operating systems, he approaches his last year of studies by beginning a training agreement as developer at Thingsplay SA, which allows him to immerse himself in the world of IoT. His current work consists of programming Aduino boards, equipped with several measurement tools that allow tracking and monitoring of connected objects.

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