In mobility

The management of mobility is an important issue. New solutions exist to reduce the carbon footprint and to increase the use of more and more varied mobility solutions such as electric bicycles, car pooling and many others besides.
The management of these vehicle fleets is also an issue which Thingsplay has tackled in having developed a unique GPS data capture solution, as well as battery management and calculating the parameters of mobility.

Our mastery of communication technologies has enabled us to construct a solution which includes a GSM communication system (2G/3G) to send the data to an electronic data gathering platform. Our package includes a humidity and temperature sensor as well as well as an analysis of electrical power supply signals, GPS and an accelerometer. In processing this data in real time, we can offer our clients an electronic data capture card and an IT device management platform. The data is made available to our clients through our IT tools. They can either access the data in real time or read the contents in our databases. The clients can thus construct a fleet management IT solution as they wish.

Our 3 technologies :

Solution n°1 : M-Bus Wifi Gateway.

- The application of the Thingsplay IOT2 card. Designed by us, this electronic card allows a great variety of analogue and digital sensors to be connected. 3 types of zone can be distinguished. The first permits the integration of every type of sensor, including the most developed and the serial communication cards, modbus and M-Bus. The microcontroller element, based on Atmel, allows us to meet the needs of local processing, and, finally, the communication element opens the doors to WiFi, Lora, GPRS and RFL networks, depending on the specific requirements. Its simplified design allows ‘low-cost’ markets to be targeted, which are otherwise inaccessible with other solutions. We have placed the emphasis on simplicity, effectiveness and reliability.

Solution n°2 : Acquisition « Temps réel » d’automates.

- Our partner MyScadaTechnologies allows us to connect no matter what programmable automaton in a very simple way and to send the data to our MQTT server. The ‘Scada’ type solution opens the doors of automaton connectivity in using all the automated drivers grouped under MyScada. This solution, in addition to providing a complete graphic interface, above all enables a secure communication solution to be developed on Java. The routines integrated into the solution enable several hundreds of data types originating in the automatons to be transferred to our MQTT servers in record time. The development of MyScadaTechnologies allows us to envisage many evolutions in the world of automata. They share with us the concepts of simplicity, effectiveness and reliability.

Solution n°3 : Solutions logicielles.

- Finally, we have developed several routines in different programming languages. These routines facilitate the acquisition of information either from other data servers or directly from the databases available. In fact it is quite common to find, in industrial environments, numerous data available in several forms; either on relational databases, on web pages or in flat files, or simply in other applications. Our now standardised routines enable Web Services to be accessed and the APIs of the available applications to be used. The routines are bidirectional. We are thus in a position to both ‘populate’ the databases or to transmit the information read to our MQTT servers and to consolidate the databases of our clients.

Our partners